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UR-RIG-ANAL art.Don'T NOt SteAL!
So today begins the month of August,and two important things happened in this month;the video game franchise Metroid was born,and so was I!(though I came along a few years later)So to celebrate I've created a little tradition to celebrate both our conceptions called Metroid Mania Madness Marathon Month!(or MMMMM for short)A perfect way to pay homage to my favorite series and enjoy myself during our both our birthdays!The rule of this new found tradition is to start a new file on every game and beat them from start to finish.There are no specific ways that it needs to be done,all you have to do is enjoy the bad-assery that is the Metroid series;and any % runs,speed runs,100% runs,and low % runs are all welcome.So feel free to share your results if you wish;I'm posting mine below.This year,to kick off this new tradition of mine,I'm playing through all the games in chronological order.

Zero Mission:100% clear time:1:36:08
Metroid Prime:100% clear time:06:47
Metroid Prime Hunters:100%(items)clear time:5hrs.28min.
MP2:Echoes:100% clear time:08:51
MP3:Corruptions:100% clear time:07:58
Metroid II Return of Samus:100% clear time:01:51
Super Metroid:100% clear time:02:05
Metroid Other M:100% clear time:06:58:48
Metroid Fusion:100% clear time:2:07

Happy birthday to me!Look at all the people that care!!.........*crickets chirping*..........yaaaaaaaaaay.:depressed:Well that about wraps this all up,so uh,thanks for participating to everyone that did,and I need to start thinking of replacement to get rid of this journal.

Party Airborne :iconsamusplz:#1 :iconsamusaranplz:Party :iconridleyplz:Headbang! :iconspacepirateplz:Ow! I'm being anally probed! Jark in a jar.  Boogie!  Dance!:squee:  
  • Listening to: Metroid music
  • Reading: Metroid Prime scan logs
  • Watching: myself beat the Metroid games
  • Playing: Metroid
  • Eating: Metroid nuclei
  • Drinking: phazon


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